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About us

Garson Şükrü is the story of how an unknown and unheard place has become a symbol of the city.  His guests satisfaction while performing the art of culinary and to establish an emotional bond with them beyond a nice meal are more valuable than anything else for Garson Şükrü.

Şükrü Serinkan started his career as a busboy in the kitchen of this business. He took the first step to his dreams in 2006 with a small 6-table hut. Thanks to meticulous and attentive service, this small hut becomes the Garson Şükrü, Denizli's rare restaurant with 40 staff, 60 tables and serving 300 people.

The preparations start at 09.00 on the morning of each day at the Garson Şükrü. First of all, Şükrü Serinkan starts his shopping by which he chooses all products one by one personally, getting cheese, olive and cream from his dairy farm. Then, he goes to Denizli's daily market. He purchases all the meat to be used on that day by examining the same meticulous assurance from the butcher and delivers them to the chefs whom he has worked with for years to prepare delicious delicacies of which the recipes are entirely their own.

The Garson Şükrü and his team, who are always in search of new tastes, not only prepare their own products such as sacrificial roasting (lemon meat), Nuriş kebab, wicker kunafah, trio but also works constantly to renew themselves for their guests by adding their own comments to classical tastes.

Pleasure in this place, run by the family of Garson Şükrü, who is devoted to his work with his pen, corkscrew, and white shirt, continues with unchanged flavor, location and conversation in the garden in summer and near the grill in winter.